Ali’s Spiritual Wisdom 2/24/2018

The healing power of love is enormous and if you tap into it and allow it to flow through you, you will transform your life for the better and uplift everyone and everything around you.

Unforgiveness blocks the flow of your vital life force energy.  If there is someone that you experiencing challenges with, felt distant from, that occupies your time and attention and brings you down, this is an indication that you have some forgiveness work to do.

Try this, see them in your minds eye.  Notice them just as they are without judging them.  Say to them, “I’m sorry that ________ has kept me from loving you the way I want to.  Forgive me for forgetting how easy love is.  Thank you for teaching me about love.  I love you without conditions.  I love you just the way you are.  I release you from the prison of my mind and I set you free.  I set myself free to be my True Self. Thank you.

Gratitude arises from forgiveness and blossoms into compassion!


I release, I let go, I surrender to the flow.  My spirit knows how love flows through my soul. I am grateful. I am thankful. I appreciate all that I am and all that Life is.

Love yourself!
Rev. Ali xoxox

P.S.  This Sunday come share the love and hear my talk, Wholehearted & Free,see you tomorrow!