Ali’s Spiritual Wisdom 1/20/2018

I am so excited to be teaching a foundations of Science of Mind class this month.  I remember when I took this class 20+ years ago and how it impacted me so deeply and changed my life for the better.  These teachings have been a touchstone in my life as I have navigated the ups and downs of everyday living.  If you haven't taken this class with me or you have and you'd like to take it again, AWESOME!  You can register


There is One Life, One Power, One Infinite Intelligence, One Spirit moving in, around, and as me.  As I remember who I really am.  I awaken to the peace, joy, strength, love, truth, and wisdom that is present within me.  I have the eyes to see.  I have the heart to receive.  I have the will to share.  All is well and so it is.

Rev. Ali xoxox

This Sunday we will continue our exploration into the study of The Science of Mind as I share my talk, What Does IT Do? See you soon!

PS: Our amazing IMPower group is hosting a welcome lunch and informational from 12-1 PM immediately following SundayCelebration and you are invited.  If you would like to get involved with our beloved youth program, please contact  We have opportunities for you to share a talent, craft, teaching, or empowering practice you feel will positively impact our young ones.

8/14/2016 Unleash Your Authentic Power” with Rev. Ali


Our theme for August: Unleash Abundance

August 14, 2016

10a ~ Meditation


Talk: “Unleash Your Authentic Power” with Rev. Ali

Ali will explore the author, teacher, mystic Gary Zukav as well share simple and straight forward principles and practices to add to your spiritual tool-belt, so that you can tap-into your creative power and live a deeply spiritual life.

“Do you feel that your life is speeding up? That life everywhere is becoming more chaotic, and at times seeming to spin out of control? Many people feel powerless in the face of this.

But what if you could step into a new kind of power – authentic power.

This new kind of power – authentic power – is reshaping our world. It’s an emerging global consciousness of compassion and wisdom, and it calls you to act from love rather than fear.

This new power connects you to your soul, others, and the planet. It allows you to create a life of purpose, fulfillment, gratitude, and joy.” Gary Zukav


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