3/22/2018 Ali’s Spiritual Wisdom

Sometimes we forget who we really are, we forget our value as a precious child of the Divine and that we are capable of greatness. 

“Until you value yourself,
you won’t value your time.
Until you value your time,
you will not do anything with it.”

~ M. Scott Peck ~

Do you value yourself?  How do you measure your self-worth?  Your appearance?  Your job?  Who you know?  What you achieve? Your net worth?  If you gauge your value on externals you may find yourself stressed, disappointed, and chasing things that only temporarily boost your self-esteem.  

Live from the inside out not the outside in!  Be your authentic self, love yourself first, love what you do, and do what you love.  Live in alignment with your values and share your time, talent, treasures, and love with the world.  And you will find yourself living a life of meaning and purpose, the life you were born to create!


I am responsible for my life experience

I am free to be me

I am all about my Divine Purpose

I am living my own special genius

I am passionate, powerful, and poised for excellence

I am awake to my divinity and live from that awareness now.Love yourself!

Namaste’ Rev. Ali xoxox

P.S.  This Sunday come share the love and hear my talk, Step IN, Step UP, Step OUT, see you Sunday!

Annual Meeting & Lunch

Please join us!

Once a year we get together to discuss what’s happening at Satya, to recap our successes from the previous year, and to co-create a brand new vision for 2018.  Please join us at 11:30 AM for light lunch and 1 hour meeting presented by the Board of Directors.

Peace and blessings,

3/2/2018 Ali’s Spiritual Wisdom

Embrace change is the theme for May and as I look outside my window and watch the ever changing weather, as I listen to the conversations about what’s going on in the world, as I notice the changes that happen in my body as I age – it is undeniable that change is constant, dependable, and unstoppable.

How do you prepare yourself for the everyday changes?  Every morning I light a candle, become still on the outside and the inside, and start my day with a namaskar/namasté – put my hands together over my heart to balance my energies – I give thanks for my body and my life – I honor my ancestors and all of my relations. I am then ready to step into my day feeling peaceful and ONE with ALL.  And things seem to unfold with ease and grace.  Try it and let me know what happens!

Namasté blessing from Gandhi

I honor the place in you where the entire Universe resides.  A place of light, of love, of truth, of peace, of wisdom.

I honor the place in you where when you are in that place and I am in that place there is only One of us.

~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

Love yourself!

Namaste’ Rev. Ali xoxox

P.S.  This Sunday come share the love and hear my talk, Healing Power of Namastésee you Sunday!

2/24/2018 Ali’s Spiritual Wisdom

The healing power of love is enormous and if you tap into it and allow it to flow through you, you will transform your life for the better and uplift everyone and everything around you.

Unforgiveness blocks the flow of your vital life force energy.  If there is someone that you experiencing challenges with, felt distant from, that occupies your time and attention and brings you down, this is an indication that you have some forgiveness work to do.

Try this, see them in your minds eye.  Notice them just as they are without judging them.  Say to them, “I’m sorry that ________ has kept me from loving you the way I want to.  Forgive me for forgetting how easy love is.  Thank you for teaching me about love.  I love you without conditions.  I love you just the way you are.  I release you from the prison of my mind and I set you free.  I set myself free to be my True Self. Thank you.

Gratitude arises from forgiveness and blossoms into compassion!


I release, I let go, I surrender to the flow.  My spirit knows how love flows through my soul.

I am grateful.  I am thankful.  I appreciate all that I am and all that Life is.

Love yourself!

Namaste’ Rev. Ali xoxox

P.S.  This Sunday come share the love and hear my talk, Wholehearted & Free,see you tomorrow!

2/17/2018 Ali’s Spiritual Wisdom

I am sending out my love and light from the town of Big Bear Lake at the top of the San Bernardino mountain range in Southern California.  It is beautiful here above the clouds and drenched in sunshine.  I am here to visit my mother-in-law, Carolyn, and speak at the Bear Valley Center for Spiritual Enrichment this Sunday.  I will be speaking on the wisdom of Namaste’ – the divinity in me honors the divinity in you.

Namaste’, a mindful and kind salutation part of the Indian culture that has tremendous power when you understand the deeper meaning of this prayerful pose.  Bringing palms together and bowing down, is born of a profound understanding of the human energy system.

When you offer Namaskar or Namaste’ to another person you are essentially saying, “I see you as you are in this now moment, beyond my judgments of you from the past.”  You recognize the source of creation within them and this brings you peace, balance, and harmony as you awaken to the freshness of Reality and your Essential Self.

You are making yourself into an offering to the other person, as your life energy comes into alignment with theirs, and you become cooperative components in life.  Living in a mindful and respectful way has a positive effect on everyone and everything around you and life become a joyful, creative, prosperous, satisfying experience.  Namaste’


I take responsibility for myself, I think positive uplifting thoughts.  I choose words of kindness, encouragement, and praise.  I know all life is sacred so every action I take is mindful and helpful.  Namaste’, always mindful and serving together we evolve and enrich all life.

Love yourself!
Rev. Ali xoxox

P.S.  This Sunday join Rev. Myrna as she shares her talk,The 3 C’s of Relationship.  See you next week!

2/9/2018 Ali’s Spiritual Wisdom

Have you noticed that what you focus your attention on seems to respond, expand, and multiply? It’s the nature of life and the law of cause and effect.  You pet a dog and it wags its tail, you compliment someone and they smile, you think an embarrassing thought and your cheeks turn red, you water a plant and it grows.  You cause things to happen with every thought you think, word you speak, and action you take.  Knowing this is huge!  When we direct our attention to the things we want to grow and develop, whether it’s a relationship, a project, an activity, or a new way of being, we activate change.  You are the one creating your life, one thought at a time.  So, what do you want?  What is your heart and soul’s vision for your magnificent life?


Every thought I think, every word I speak, every action I take aligns me with my soul’s vision.

Love yourself!
Rev. Ali xoxox

P.S.  This Sunday join me as I share my talk, Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.  See you soon!

2/2/2018 Ali’s Spiritual Wisdom

It’s February, the LOVE month!  Here are 4 myths about LOVE:

Love brings happiness… Not necessarily.  When I have the expectation that being in love will make me happy, I am missing the mark.  I have to be loving and happy first and then I’ll be a vibrational match for love and happiness.  I attract what I am.

Love is conditional… Trying to live up to someone else’s unrealistic expectations and conditions is exhausting.  “I’ll love you if….”  If I have to change myself to meet another needs and wants, I must ask myself, is this real love?  Real love is unconditional and accepting.  The saying “love is blind” is actually true!  I am enough just as I am.

Love hurts… Real mature love heals and soothes the soul.

Love is limited… “All the good ones are taken…”  Nonsense – love is infinite!  Love belongs to everyone!  You may have been, just like the song says, “looking for love in all the wrong places”  Fall in love with yourself, be love, and you will see that it’s always been there.  Love is all there is – have the eyes to see it everywhere.

Rev. Ali xoxox

This Sunday join me as I share my talk, Strong Back, Soft Front, Wild Heart,  See you soon!

P.S. Tomorrow I am leading a workshop for women, Choose Yourself First – 10 AM – 1 PM.  You can register at thesatyacenter.org or on PayPal by clicking HERE.

1/20/2018 Ali’s Spiritual Wisdom

I am so excited to be teaching a foundations of Science of Mind class this month.  I remember when I took this class 20+ years ago and how it impacted me so deeply and changed my life for the better.  These teachings have been a touchstone in my life as I have navigated the ups and downs of everyday living.  If you haven’t taken this class with me or you have and you’d like to take it again, AWESOME!  You can register at thesatyacenter@gmail.com


There is One Life, One Power, One Infinite Intelligence, One Spirit moving in, around, and as me.  As I remember who I really am.  I awaken to the peace, joy, strength, love, truth, and wisdom that is present within me.  I have the eyes to see.  I have the heart to receive.  I have the will to share.  All is well and so it is.

Rev. Ali xoxox

This Sunday we will continue our exploration into the study of The Science of Mind as I share my talk, What Does IT Do?  See you soon!

PS: Our amazing IMPower group is hosting a welcome lunch and informational from 12-1 PM immediately following Sunday Celebration and you are invited.  If you would like to get involved with our beloved youth program, please contact Sarah: slazane@gmail.com.  We have opportunities for you to share a talent, craft, teaching, or empowering practice you feel will positively impact our young ones.

1/9/2018 Ali’s Spiritual Wisdom

Happy New Year 2018!

Did you know that there is a power for good in the universe and you can use it?  It’s your mind and you are using it to create your experiences, your life, and yourself.  I chuckle when I hear somebody say, “Who do you think you are?”!  Because, that’s exactly right – we are thinking ourselves into being with every thought we think.  There is who you “think” you are and who you “really” are.  Your mind can think up all kinds of labels – to old, to young, not good enough, confused, unintelligent, lazy, ugly… But your heart knows who you really are, you are a one of a kind, precious child of the universe made in the image and likeness of love and here on planet earth to bring forth your divine gifts and talents.  Rock on!

Happy New Me!  This is the year that I give myself permission to be the REAL ME.  I am the one who loves and appreciates life and shares my gifts and talents generously.  As I give, I receive – I am in the flow – I am so blessed.  And so it is.

Rev. Ali xoxox

This Sunday we will continue our exploration into the study of The Science of Mind and remember to join me for the Discover Class on Thursday night in the Carriage House, 795 24th St., Ogden, UT 84401.  See you soon!

12/23/2017 Ali’s Spiritual Wisdom

Happy Holidays!

This is a very special time of year where people of all faith traditions around the globe gather for festivals, special rituals and ceremonies, to honor what is most sacred to them.

What is most sacred to you?  For me it is awakening to my spiritual brilliance – my divinity – the light within me.  To the awareness of my oneness with all there is – our unity and how truly precious, wonderful, and abundant life is.  To the realization that I have a power within me that I can use to co-create a beautiful life, experience deep peace and joy, and make a positive difference in the world.

This Sunday I will be sharing more about awakening to Christ Consciousness and how the ancient mystics and teachers seem to share similar experiences of elevated awareness and understanding of Truth.

Whatever may be your favorite festival of this Holy Day season: Christmas, Hanukkah, Hajj, Diwali, Bodhi Day or some other, I know that this Holy Day season blesses you all.


Love-Light is ignited by grace in my heart and thoughtsI shine and share my Love-Light with everybody I meetI am lighting up the world!

Rev. Ali xoxox

This Sunday, we will be gathering on Christmas Eve in the Carriage House so seating is limited – arrive early! For those who don’t get a seat in the Carriage House, our beloved Practitioner Michael will be leading a group in the Fireside Room in the mansion. See you soon!Sunday Celebration: YCC, 2261 Adam’s Ave., Ogden, UT 84401 – 10 AM