Choose Yourself First Workshop

A workshop for women on February 3, 2018, Choose Yourself First, a journey into discovering your heart song and standing in your truth.

Find a deeper connection with self-value and worth
Tune in to a life you love
Learn to speak the language of your heart
Stand in your authentic power
Love yourself forever

Register at
In advance $30 at the door $35
Includes workbook and refreshments

Pay on PayPal:

Satya Carriage House, 795 24th St., Ogden, UT 84401
(801) 920-0560

Practical Spirituality Class 1

The Satya School for Conscious Living presents: Basic Principles of Spiritual Living

All are welcome no prerequisites.

Would you like to expand your awareness and deepen your connection to Life? Are you ready to tune-in to your higher purpose and discover how to make it happen? Join Ali and Michael Benjamin for 6 weeks of self-discovery through lecture, discussion, sharing, and experiential process. Learn 10 spiritual principles and practices that will change your life for the better forever. Register now and join like-minded individuals on a mind and heart opening adventure into Spirit in a safe, supportive environment. Expand your awareness and live the life you were born to live!

Cost: $125
Required book: The Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes

Register: text (801) 920-0560 email

This is an accredited class through Emerson Theological Institute.

Fall Equinox OM Fest

A transformational Experience – Body, Mind, Soul

The Satya community presents their annual fundraiser the Fall Equinox OM Fest at Fort Buenaventura in Ogden on Sunday, September 24, 2017.

“This year we bring together our Fall Equinox Celebration and Ceremony with the Ogden OM Fest and present the Fall Equinox OM Fest! This will be an experience of meditation, music, movement, healing, and oneness.” Says, Ali Benjamin, director of the Satya Center.

The celebration begins at 9 AM with a choice of moving meditations: yin yoga or a guided walking meditation. At 10 AM the Maka Mama’s open with a “Sea of Oms” and will continue to delight and awaken us with their beautiful sounds, chants, and music. Ali Benjamin will present an inspired talk: “We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For!” The Maka Mama’s and healing arts practitioners will guide us through a masterful arrangement of music, chants, and sound, combined with powerful spiritual practices that will open you up to oneness and allow you to hear what the universe wants you to hear, your heart-song!

For our closing ceremony we will build a living rhythm mandala, formed by concentric circles of people moving and chanting mantras/prayers for peace, love, joy, and freedom. Followed by a delicious healthy lunch at 2 PM with fun, games, and more.

This gathering is for individuals that find that the dynamic of a spiritually focused community to be empowering, supportive, and energizing. Group consciousness activates synergy, which is energy that is greater than the sum of its parts and contributes to a quickening in consciousness, awakening to oneness.

“Sure, you can awaken spiritually by yourself on an island or a mountain top, but why, when you can have a fun, caring, inspiring, and creative community to walk with you? Satya is such a community.” Says, Benjamin.
Maka Mamas

Maka MaMas (Earth MaMas). Leraine and Shen’s kirtan not only uses Sanskrit but calls on other sacred songs inspired by indigenous practices from around the world. Maka MaMas kirtan is fun uplifting and takes you on a joyous ride of magical music and enchanted vibrations. Singing is the heart of Kirtan, a beautiful practice of call and response singing and chanting the names of the Divine in many languages including Sanskrit, Hindi, Gurmukhi, Native American and English. The voice is vehicle for our spirit and when we sing together in community we carry each other lifting our hearts and souls. It allows for a deeper connection to each other and the one source.

“Kirtan is a means of finding our way back to the core of our Being, to our heart, and to our connection with each other.” Ragani

Ali Benjamin, Founder and Director of Satya – (801) 920-0560

Ali’s motto is: Be. Love. Create. Evolve. “Be present and mindful. Be loving, kind, generous, and supportive. Be creative, innovative, and curious. And take inspired action, and we will start to see positive changes in our communities and the world.” Says, Benjamin.

Healing Arts Practitioners:
Katreena Peterson, Master Reiki Teacher
Sandy Poll, Deeksha Oneness Blessing Giver
Michael Benjamin, Spiritual Living Practitioner
Dr. Pam Chapman, Spiritual Living Practitioner
Emily Juback, Grateful Heart Yoga
Kirtan Chant
Sound Bath Healing
Yin Yoga
Living Rhythm Mandala
Sacred Ceremony
Delicious Healthy Meal
Bring chairs, cushions, mats, blankets, wear layers
Namaste’, Team Satya

Conscious Aging Workshop

At this workshop you will learn how to:
– Explore unexamined, self-limiting beliefs, stereotypes and assumptions about aging and make better, more conscious choices about our worldviews on aging;

– Develop self-compassion to cope more effectively with change, worry, and stresses associated with aging;

– Discover and reflect on what has given heart and meaning to our lives and how that informs our intentions for our aging process;

– Enhance connection and reduce isolation from others and the web of life by understanding our shared humanity in the aging process;

– Reduce fear and increase acceptance in the presence of death and dying for ourselves and for our loved ones.

The workshop will focus on listening to our own inner wisdom and guidance, integrating practices, sharing in intimate conversation circles, and listening to the collective wisdom of the group.

Ceremony of Sound with the Maka Mama’s

Maka MaMas – Leraine & Shen will offer a playshop of intimate singing, breath, music, and going beyond the surface into depths of the soul. Together they create a fun, loving environment to expand the consciousness for healing and wholeness of heart, mind, body, and spirit.

A Direct Look at Awakening: An Inquiry

This will be an inquiry into the nature of the Divine Self that we are, an experiencing of that. We will examine, through discussion and meditation, the nest of screens and filters and conditioning in our minds that keep us from experiencing our Divie Self more directly. Love donations appreciated.

Practical Spirituality 101 – The Basic Principals of Science of Mind and Spirit I

Are you new to Satya and want to know what this Science of Mind teaching is all about?  Have you been coming to Satya for a while and want to deepen your knowledge of Science of Mind?  Now is the perfect time of year to get started.  PS101 & 102 are the foundations courses for the Science of Mind textbook by Ernest Holmes and will be taught by Rev. Lyle.  For more information, please see Rev. Ali, Rev. Lyle or Laurie at the Welcome table.  $125 for each 6 week course.

Visioning and Vision Board Workshop

Kick-start 2017 with a brand new vision and vision board. You have the power within you to create a life you love! Take your business and your life to a high level of success by aligning your thoughts, words, actions, and emotions.

In this 4 hour playshop you will learn how to bring your life in congruence with your heart and soul’s longings.

Soul Vision Process – Through guided imagery, contemplation, and meditation your intuitive faculties are awakened and you become receptive to your soul’s vision, vocation, and purpose.

Soul Vision Mandala – Bringing the vision to life! Engage your creativity and create a beautiful mandala (vision board collage) that represents your deepest longings, unique creativity, authentic vitally alive expression, a life that you would love to be living.
My New Story – Give voice to your Soul! Through this process a new life story emerges and plan to achieve it is revealed. Share your vision through story telling.

All supplies and Vision Workbook. 

Register at – limited to 15 participants.

$35 preregistration or $40 at the door.


Burning Bowl Ceremony

6th Annual Burning Bowl Ceremony

The Satya Center for Spiritual Living and the United Congregational Church of Christ present, a burning bowl ceremony on New Year’s Eve, 6:00- 7:00PM. This will be the 6th Annual Satya Center’s Burning Bowl Ceremony intended to help individuals release the past and to establish new goals and intentions for 2017.

“Are you ready to let go of old, stagnant, negative thoughts and beliefs that may be blocking your success, happiness, and health? Are you ready to create a perfect future by setting your dreams and desires into motion? The Burning Bowl Ceremony is a time to relinquish anything that burdens your mind and at the same time identify those things you would like to bring into your life in the coming year. Revisit, review, and revise, is this year’s theme, please join us for this special ceremony in honor of your co-creative potential.” Says Reverend Ali Benjamin, Spiritual Director of The Satya Center

This year they collaborate with UCC, 3350 Harrison Blvd. Ogden, UT 84403 (801) 392-5012. All are invited and welcome to come and experience music, meditation, inspiration, and envision a bright and beautiful 2017.

The Satya Center for Spiritual Living is a community run non-profit organization, offering a Sunday meditation and service 10 AM at the YCC, 2261 Adam’s Ave, Ogden. As well as meditation, self-empowerment classes and workshops, Reiki Offering, Deeksha Oneness Blessing circle and metaphysical discussion groups. We are an open and all-inclusive community honoring each individual’s spiritual path. 795 24th St. Ogden, UT 84401, (801) 920-0560 –

“Change your thinking, change your life.” Ernest Holmes

We love to bring inspiration through gathering in sacred ceremony to the community ~ there is no charge for this event ~ all donations will go to the UCC.