We practice Science of Mind philosophy, which isn’t a practice of one formal religion, but a philosophy that integrates science, universal principles, and spiritual practices.  Ten spiritual pillars guide our community to living loving, abundant, creative, and inspired lives.

Healing Prayer– The most powerful tool we have to commune with Source – the All-sufficient, All-knowing, All-powerful, All-amazing, Always-here-for-you source of unconditional Love.

Affirmation: My life is a prayer and my heart is awakened to love

Meditation – The practice of becoming still – physically, mentally, and emotionally.  And becoming available to the hear inner guidance of Spirit.  Resulting in a sense of equanimity.

Affirmation: I am still in the Presence and hear the sweet whisperings of Truth

Visioning – A process by which we train ourselves to hear, feel, see, & catch a vision of the life we were born to create & developing an action plan to achieve it.

Affirmation: Every thought I think, every word I speak, every action I take aligns with my soul’s vision

Sacred Service – The giving of ourselves in sacred service, without any expectation of recognition or getting something in return, quiets the ego and creates a field of oneness and belonging that heals our hearts and minds, and opens our compassionate heart.

Affirmation: I am the mind of God knowing, I am the heart of God loving, and the hands of God serving – I am Light

Spiritual Study – Continued learning from spiritual teachers, authors, and way showers for the expansion of our consciousness.   So that we don’t stay in a rut of believing but remain open and available for what is new, expansive, and inspiring and keeps us on the leading edge of our own becoming.

Affirmation: I am open to inner guidance, I am willing to grow, I am consciously evolving my soul.

Giving & Receiving – Being in the ease and flow of life, creating greater prosperity, and feeling good are just some of the byproducts of activating the Law of Giving and Receiving.  Simply, it is our nature to share ourselves with the world as it is our birthright to be abundantly supported for doing so.

Affirmation: I live in a infinite stream of abundance, I generously share my good.

Clear Communications – Be impeccable with your words and say what you mean and mean what you say.  Go to the source if you have something on your mind and refrain from gossip and collusion.  Be kind, encouraging, and honest in your communications.  Practice candor.

Affirmation: I speak the truth and I am set free

Responsibility – Each of us is responsible for our own experience.  100% responsibility for how to respond to life’s circumstances.  100% responsibility for the thoughts you choose to think.

Affirmation: I have the ability to respond from my heart – I choose love.

Gratitude – When we appreciate all of life & what we have, we discover more joy in our lives & in the world.

Affirmation: I am Grateful – l am Thankful – I appreciate all that I am and all that Life is.

Forgiveness – We cannot be free AND hold onto blame, resentments, & persecution of ourselves and others at the same time.

Affirmation: I release – I let go – I surrender to Spirit flow