Bernadene Whitten

From the first day I was genuinely welcomed from the members, people even sought me out to introduce themselves. Reverend Ali is an amazing woman with a large loving heart. The venue is at an amazing historical house. Ali’s Sunday devotions are in what was the carriage house, it’s large enough to hold quite a few people. I left the Sunday devotion filled with love for my fellow humans. I was relaxed from the well planned meditation. The music is amazing, easy to sing to, meditative and some people were brought to dance. The message itself was given by a very personable reverend, because of the calm loving tone, interspersed with humor, the message stayed with me all week. I’ve had surgery and haven’t been able to attend services and I feel bereft from not attending. I’ve even had a visit from a member, she brought with her the energies of the Sunday devotion she just left. I’m looking forward to attending again.